B2B Consultancy Specialising in Online User Experience

South England UK
Market Research
Client Code: BM017817
Turnover (Forecast): $397,222
EBITDA (Forecast): $77,778
Specialist B2B consultancy, working with private, public, & non-profit organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of their online presence - including websites, web & mobile applications, social media, & email marketing - with the aim of improving the end user experience (UX).
Key Aspects
  • Conducts user research & lab/field-based usability testing, produces reports on overall performance, & offers guidance on improving ease-of-use & therefore user satisfaction.
  • End user-orientated market research process, which can be tailored to client requirements.
  • Impressive roster of high profile, blue chip clients.
  • Strong second tier management structure allows day-to-day running of operations with minimal shareholder oversight.
  • State-of-the-art in-house testing facilities, including eye-tracking technology, with the resources to set up impromptu research studios anywhere in the UK.
  • Use of associate consultants results in a flexible operating model which can be scaled up as required.
  • No consumables or other supplies are used, & testers are sourced directly by the company, resulting in controlled overheads.
  • A pioneering company offering an acquirer immediate entry to a highly specialised, niche market sector.
  • Represents an excellent diversification opportunity for an acquirer based in market research/ consultancy/ digital/ media/ PR.
  • Business has been deliberately gently traded & has potential to increase significantly with an active marketing effort & soliciting of new business.
  • UK-wide customer base provides a geographical expansion opportunity for an international or regional acquirer.