A High-Tech Telematics Installation Company

Technology, Media, Telecom & Data; Transportation
Client Code: BM017820
Turnover (Management): $1,668,056
EBITDA (Management): $390,278
Specialist installer of high-end tracking devices & telematics for large fleets including trucks, buses, vans & trailers, with 25+ years' experience in the telematics installation sector. Company sells a small percentage of telematics products to its private client base but mainly on an installation only basis, although it has a broad knowledge of the products. Provides installations all over the UK & Europe via 50+ experienced subcontracted engineers.
Key Aspects
  • Ongoing contracts with blue-chip customers, including Webfleet Corporate, Maritime Transport, Ticketer, Ctrack, Vision Track, Cameramatics & Webfleet Resellers. 
  • Growing order book for the following 24-36 months due to securing new Bus market "Oyster card” installation contracts, which have potential to generate a 250% increase in revenue.
  • Potential opportunity to diversify into the EU with its main client (Ticketer).
  • c90% of sales derived from repeat business, demonstrating the company’s excellent customer service.
  • 6k orders received & 15k installations completed across Europe on behalf of Shell FuelSave Partner between 2009-2016.
  • Utilises a cost-efficient team of sub-contractors for installations.
  • Excellent customer retention rate of c90%, highlighting the company’s high-quality products.
  • Up to 15,000 installations in the UK pa.
  • Ideal bolt-on opportunity for a telematics manufacturing company looking to expand into the installations sector.
  • An acquirer with an already established & dedicated sales team capable of targeting new clients could attract new clients increasing turnover.
  • Large potential for growth available from conducting installations in Europe due to the company having an established client base.
  • Large potential for HGV camera installations due to new Direct Vision TFL legislation.
  • Diversify existing range of services by introducing new products to allow entry into new market sectors.