Specialist Precision Engineering Firm Serving the Aerospace and Defence Sectors

South England
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM020611
Turnover (Management): £1,391,000
EBITDA (Management): £338,000

Established provider of precision engineering and associated services, specialising in the small batch production of niche components for applications across markets with high barriers to entry, including the aerospace and defence sectors. Operating from its strategically located factory, the company utilises advanced machinery and pioneering equipment, alongside its bespoke software, to serve clients across the United Kingdom.

Key Aspects
  • Automated machining centres and lights-out production promotes increased efficiency to maximise output and uphold competitive prices.
  • Holds desirable industry accreditations, positioning the company to work with top-tier manufacturing clients.
  • Strong order book, presently valued at £600k, with work scheduled until April 2020.
  • Unrivalled offering and close client relationships ensure a high degree of repeat business.
  • Boasts a highly skilled workforce, perpetuated by the company’s advanced engineering apprenticeship scheme.
  • Positions itself as a one-stop provider, offering a range of associated services in-house.
  • Dependable second-tier management enables the company to operate with minimal involvement from the current shareholders.
  • Leverage existing skillsets and industry accreditations to penetrate new sectors, such as medical, diversifying the company’s market reach.
  • Enhance the company’s use of machine configuration and programming to enable a greater number of profitable projects to be undertaken.
  • Expand the company’s finishing services division by onboarding an additional technician and apprentice to increase capacity, and offer these services to both new and existing clients.
  • Obtain quality management certification for the company’s plating and painting service, enabling its trusted reputation to be more greatly evidenced.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer providing a complementary offering, to enhance its existing provision, and capitalise on lucrative cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • An opportunity for an acquirer to seamlessly expand its client base and capacities, and secure a strong foothold in new markets, such as aerospace, defence, and electronics.