Established Independent Ambulance Service, with Contracts in Place Across a Varied Client Base

Business Services; Healthcare; Transportation
Client Code: BM003986
Turnover (Actual): £1,229,000
EBITDA (Actual): £305,000

Reputable independent ambulance service, providing a one-stop service for all patient transport, including bariatric and secure transport, with UK-wide coverage. The company’s fleet of ambulances and highly-trained staff can facilitate all end user requirements, from providing the comfortable transportation of patients to-and-from hospital, to more complex client demands such as secure transit or supporting individuals suffering from mental health illnesses during home visits. Working closely with a varied client base, comprising hospitals, NHS trusts, police constabularies, HMS prisons and more, the company has established an excellent reputation and a dominant name in the industry.

Key Aspects
  • Skilled and highly trained workforce, with extensive industry experience, capable of dealing with the most complex client requirements, providing a smooth and comfortable service for all patients.
  • Customer-centric ethos and tailored approach to all projects unrivalled by competitors.
  • Capable second-tier management structure in place, with limited reliance on the current shareholders.
  • Long-standing client relationships, many of which with leading hospitals and NHS foundations who regard the company as their preferred service provider.
  • No one client represents more than 7% of sales, mitigating the risks associated with overreliance.
  • Long-term contracts in place with a handful of larger clients generate substantial recurring revenue every year.
  • Supporting local community events, the company helps spread brand awareness and promote its services.
  • Implement an innovative and targeted marketing strategy to help further brand awareness, generate new business leads, and boost sales.
  • Opportunity for a similar acquirer to gain a foothold in the immediate region, with capacity to serve the UK nationwide, and expand its geographical reach.
  • Represents an opportunity for a complementary acquirer to enhance and diversify its existing offering, with a view to capitalising on significant cross-selling prospects across a combined client base.
  • Represents an opportunity for an acquirer with additional resources and a fresh impetus to facilitate the company’s business development plans and promote its continued growth.
  • Highly scalable business model provides opportunity to rapidly grow operations, take on larger crews, and secure a greater number of orders.
  • Currently recruiting a further 8 additional staff, to increase capacity to take on additional works and match the high levels of demand faced. 
  • Opportunity to increase works through tendering for large contracts.