Independent Fire Safety Company Benefiting From Favourable Partnerships Throughout the Fire & Security Sector

South England, UK
Business Services; Construction
Client Code: BN000028753
Turnover (Projected): £406,000
EBITDA (Projected): £144,000

A long-established independent fire safety company providing unparalleled fire safety services and expertise to both partners and direct customers. The company uses a robust network of Fire Service professionals, who have a combination of highly sought after skills, gained both in the public sector and commercially. The company benefits from high levels of repeat custom and referrals, as well as a strong industry reputation. In addition, the company is continually enhancing and innovating its offerings to suit emerging requirements and changing industry legislation.

Key Aspects
  • Experienced workforce of current and retired Fire Service professionals continually develop their knowledge and skills, placing the company at the forefront of the market.
  • UK legislative requirements and government stipulations ensure continued demand and a reliable influx of custom, with work scheduled in advance.
  • Continuously reviews its services to uphold relevance and compliance and introduces new services where viable business opportunities have been identified.
  • An entry-point for customers, the company is embedded in the operations of its partners.
  • Secures a sustained and growing pipeline of business via its long-standing partnerships with complementary firms.
  • Holds numerous sector relevant accreditation, strengthening the company’s industry reputation.
  • Customer-centric ethos sees the company deliver an unparalleled level of service.
  • Flexible business model enables the company to rapidly scale operations to respond to an increase in demand.
  • Introduce new services, such as off-site and virtual training, to the company’s offering to drive sales with minimal additional resources required.
  • Gain additional desirable accreditation in order to enhance the company's industry reputation and boost sales.
  • Drive up sales on high margin services such as Risers and Consultancy.
  • Target residential property management agencies to secure a lucrative revenue stream through which to generate considerable opportunities via portfolios of properties.
  • Implement an advanced portal for fire risk assessments to enable information and supporting images to be recorded electronically, reducing manual administrative tasks and boosting productivity.
  • Strengthen existing foothold in immediate region and expand presence in currently untapped geographical regions to grow client base and increase market share.
  • Represents an opportunity for an acquirer with additional resources and a fresh impetus to facilitate the company’s business development plans and promote its continued growth.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer already operating within the fire and security industry to increase its service portfolio and capitalise on cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to a combined client base.