A Profitable and Industry-Leading Online Curated Gift Company

Online, UK
Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BN000029459
Turnover (Management): £6,781,000
EBITDA (Management): £1,056,000

A reputable, industry-leading online curated gift company operating on a B2C model, targeting adults who are buying toys and gifts for children.

The company has a highly-curated choice of recommended products divided into age and gender categories, making it easy to find products.

It offers a full gift-wrapping service plus hand-written cards for birthdays and Christmas, direct & next day delivery, as well as providing reminders for future purchases.

It is profitable, scalable and capable of substantial growth through investment in new marketing methods.

Key Aspects

• Has a proven capability of achieving £1m in profit from £5-7m in sales and reached £2m in profit on increased turnover in both COVID years.

• Differentiates from competitors by offering a carefully curated selection of products that suggests gifts by age and gender criteria.

• Highly effective use of SEO and PPC to appear above big names like Amazon and John Lewis.

• Over 65,000 positive customer reviews with an average of 99% customer satisfaction.

• Sends anniversary reminders to a database of 650k customers to drive repeat custom.

• Has sent parcels to over 1.3 million UK homes.

• Offers an ever-changing selection of roughly 700 products, 10% of which are unique to their site and not available in mainstream toy stores.

• Capable of processing 5000 orders per day.

• Flexible supplier relationships allowing the business to respond to product trends, adding 300-400 new products throughout the year.

• Has a broad clientele, with customers in almost every British town and village.

• Strong operational structure, embedding the company’s entrepreneurial spirit.

• Seen as industry expert. Featured many times in industry publications and on daytime TV.


• Excellent industry reputation and profitability consistently averaging well over £1m in Net profit since 2018.

• This has been achieved with a conservative approach. An ambitious acquirer would have the opportunity to capitalise on organic growth opportunities by raising sales ambitions and fulfilling company potential.

• Excellent opportunity to acquire the company’s lucrative and scalable business model.

• Huge potential for growth through increased and diversified marketing efforts. The business model is well-established, profitable and would respond well to this.

• Great opportunity to expand product selection for the same client base, as well as attracting new clients through addition of new product categories.

• The company has good PPC and SEO positioning and over 65,000 positive reviews that would give a strong base for success in new marketing initiatives.

• Opportunity to work with the current, industry expert directors in a negotiable retention period.

• The company currently has proven capability of achieving well over £10m in gross sales in favourable market conditions.

• Opportunity to replicate operations in European countries, using the company’s international experience and scalable structure