Innovative Provider Of a Unique Toolset for IT Infrastructure Management

South of England, UK
Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000028548
Turnover (Forecast): £400,000
EBITDA (Forecast): £100,000

Innovative provider of a unique infrastructure database, which enables IT departments in larger enterprises to document all internal IT systems and their functionality. The bespoke system offers an end-to-end understanding of clients’ infrastructure to improve the delivery of IT services through a streamlined and more efficient approach which, in turn, reduces operational costs. As part of its comprehensive offering, the company also provides implementation, auditing, and training services to support all clients using the system. With applications across a diverse range of market sectors, the company serves clients throughout the UK, as well as overseas.

Key Aspects
  • Years of industry expertise has seen the company forge an exceptional reputation as a trusted provider with an unrivalled solution.
  • Offers bespoke services to accommodate diverse requirements, with applications across a myriad of markets and sectors.
  • Innovative and practical solutions designed to handle the complexity of large infrastructures and modern data centres, and evolve in line with clients’ changing requirements.
  • Risk management and automation skills provide a competitive advantage and position the company ahead of competitors.
  • Annual maintenance contracts in place with most clients, with some opting for multi-year contracts, generating consistent and recurring revenue.
  • Long standing relationships with blue chip clients, including government bodies and notable banks, both in the UK and overseas.
  •  Growing international presence, with export markets currently account for c50% of all new custom.
  • Significant growth opportunities with the company currently selecting new clients to onboard due to limited resources to accommodate consistent demand.
  • Integrate other products and develop new services to complement software sales, secure additional revenue, and strengthen existing foothold in the industry.
  • Enhance the company’s existing marketing strategy to continue growing and diversifying its current client base – both nationally and internationally.
  • Recruit additional technical staff to meet current growth in software and services demand.
  • Finalise development and launch a new mobile application designed to provide remote access to the company's software to facilitate rapid decision-making driven by time-sensitive issues.
  • Represents an opportunity for a complementary acquirer to enhance its service portfolio via a unique system and capitalise on up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to a combined client base.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer with additional resources and a fresh impetus to facilitate the company’s business development plans and accelerate its future growth.