Questionnaire & Analysis Software for the Internal Improvement of Organisations

Business Services; Education & Government; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000028556
Turnover (Actual): £600,000
EBITDA (Actual): £160,000

Questionnaire-based products designed to improve the quality of provision & experience of all stakeholders within educational organisations, using appropriate questionnaires & powerful analysis.

Questionnaire & Analysis Software used by organisations to drive quality improvement.

Key Aspects
  • Works with over 500 organisations throughout the UK.
  • Questionnaires assess the happiness & welfare of individuals involved in organisations, helping identify areas of concern that, once addressed, lead to improvements in productivity.
  • Customers use software to assess the organisation's strengths & weaknesses & whether shortcomings are rooted in their own provision or indicative of nationwide issues. 
  • Long-standing relationships with several educational institutions, some lasting in excess of 20 years.
  • Capacity for an additional 100 customers before the need to recruit additional staff.
  • Experiences high-levels of repeat custom due to impeccable service & tangible improvements provided.
  • All software designed & owned in-full by the company.
  • Appropriate questionnaire models for each market - such as models based on student’s attributes including ability, age & how the course is provided.
  • Potential to extrapolate products & expertise to provide similar services for other organisations across all sectors, including the worldwide sports club market. In talks with a major Premier League football club regarding this opportunity.
  • Minimal adjustment needed to provide products to additional organisations, requiring only tailored surveys & the same core assessment software.
  • The software's ability to identify problem areas, relating to the welfare of individuals, can be applied to all organisations allowing institutions to make steps to improve experience of those involved & in turn lead to increased efficiencies & productivity.
  • The implementation of strategic marketing to target schools & multi-academy trusts, gaining a increased proportion of the market share.
  • The addition of new features within questionnaires designed to broaden their appeal beyond the education sector to other institutions where safeguarding is an imperative.
  • Enhancing usability by enabling the creation written reports benefiting customers who prefer narrative feedback.
  • Significant room for expansion on the current premises with space to double the current headcount.
  • Systems & processes fully compatible with the universal adoption of increased home working by many companies.