Market Leading Home Delivery Logistics Operation & Wholesaler of High-End Furniture

South of England, UK
Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BM016364
Turnover (Actual): £7,607,000
EBITDA (Actual): £1,959,000

Representing a unique acquisition opportunity, the company provides market-leading home delivery logistics services, and also designs and wholesales mid to high-end furniture. The company's home delivery operation specialises in the safe carriage of electricals, furniture, and fragile goods. In addition, the company boasts a renowned quality furniture brand, supplying trade clients nationwide, ranging from small online retailers through to larger organisations. Using advanced and entirely bespoke technologies and systems, many of the company’s processes are fully automated, including fleet and stock management, invoicing, and customer communication. Owing to its optimised infrastructure and business model, operations are highly scalable, with significant growth opportunities already identified. 

Key Aspects
  • Rapidly growing business as a result of significant increase in sales throughout H1 2020.
  • Entire infrastructure of the logistics business has been developed to address prevalent industry issues which many of the mainstream UK carriers are unable to overcome.
  • Prides itself on exceptionally low damage rates, averaging 0.24% for its product type, compared to the industry standard of more than 10%.
  • Provides a seamless service, via many of its clients' established ecommerce platforms through which the company's product range is retailed.
  • Highly scalable business model, with minimal additional resources required to rapidly increase operations and accommodate a 10x growth scenario.
  • Includes a well-established furniture design and wholesale business which operates with nominal resources, and could be rapidly expanded using the company's established infrastructure.
  • Full integration with clients' own IT infrastructures enables the complete automation (and absolute accuracy) of business between the company and its customer base.
  • In-house technology far exceeds the capability, accuracy, and functionality of any similar service or offering in the current marketplace.
  • Holds long-standing supply agreements with its major suppliers to ensure continuity and quality of supply.
  • Recently demonstrated significant success in tendering processes with blue-chip prospective clients, winning tenders over larger, established competitors.
  • In-house vehicle maintenance & servicing provides an additional revenue stream to offset the company's fleet costs.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer to implement its current business model and operations, as well as any new ventures, into the company's optimised infrastructure and automate an extensive range of day-to-day operations and processes. Owing to the capabilities of the company's unique and highly advanced system, an acquirer could rapidly scale established or new operations, and continue growing and expanding its product range without limitation.
  • Upsell additional service capabilities, such as high-speed services, basic assembly services, and one-man & two-man services, to yield stronger profit margins.
  • Soon to launch next day and named day delivery service for a large part of the nation whilst maintaining USP of industry-low damage rate to drive significant growth opportunities.
  • Continue to expand existing product offering for the company’s wholesale catalogue, with the introduction of two new ranges in Q1 2021.
  • Capitalise on scalability of current business model to grow the company with minimal additional resources.
  • Introduce an innovative marketing campaign in order to raise brand awareness and boost sales for furniture products.
  • Opportunity for a large online retailer or manufacturer to enhance its current offering and gain immediate access to an established supply chain and scalable business model.
  • Represents an opportunity for an acquirer to benefit from the company’s fully automated processes, strong branding, enviable client base, and established industry reputation.