Specialising in the installation of stainless-steel pipework systems

Client Code: BN000030353
Turnover (Actual): €2,154,000
EBITDA (Actual): €47,000

An engineering company specialising in the installation of stainless-steel pipework systems for the dairy, brewery, beverage & pharmaceutical industries.

Key Aspects
  • Track record of high-quality work completed on time within agreed budgets.
  • Boasts a strong client book with blue-chip clients.
  • Provides after excellent sales service, technical support & maintenance to customers.
  •  Strong recurring revenue with growth year on year.
  • Currently working on a digitalized automated spool fabrication process for the pharmaceutical industry which would be a huge asset for future spool manufacturing.
  • Great customer retention rate with repeat business from almost all clients.
  • Highly skilled staff with full H&S training across various stages of the process, from manual handling to risk assessments to specialised training for welding, etc.
  •  Opportunity for an acquirer in the manufacturing industry to gain access to complementary a range of high margin products.
  • Chance for a similar company in the mechanical engineering sector looking to increase turnover while adding a list of blue-chip companies.
  • Strong opportunity for an overseas acquirer to establish an EU foothold in the industrial sector