Distributor of Plastic Model Kits, Jigsaws & Associated Accessories

Consumer, Food & Retail
Client Code: BM020548
Turnover (Forecast): £7,934,000
EBITDA (Forecast): £1,336,000

Imports & distributes a range of over 15,000 products including plastic model kits, paints, jigsaws & accessories in the model, hobbies & crafts market.


Products are distributed to over 300 independent retailers, large corporations or purchased directly by consumers. 

Key Aspects
  • Experienced significant sales growth throughout 2020.
  • One-stop-shop for customers its 60,000ft warehouse provides capacity to stock a comprehensive range of products.
  • Extensive range includes 15,000 products distributed to over 300 independent retailers.
  • Holds long-standing relationships with trade customers, some lasting in excess of 10 years. 
  • 88% retention rate for trade customers.
  • Exclusive UK distributor of products for several key suppliers.
  • Operates a fully integrated stock management system & conveyor belt system. allows for easily up-scalable processing speeds to fulfil additional orders.
  • During the first UK lockdown, direct sales for jigsaws increased 1,000%, due to the business’s sizable stock holding most orders were supplied from stock. 
  • Currently occupies 65% of warehouse space with significant room available to up-scale operations.
  • Recently hired a new member of staff responsible for managing social media profiles.
  • Social media manager has been charged with increasing the volume of direct sales to boost the company’s current profit margin.
  • Website in development designed to increase the number of sales into Europe, set to launch 2021.
  • Potential for a larger, international acquirer to expand into the UK market.
  • The additional resources of a larger acquirer will accelerate growth by increasing the company’s cashflow, which is currently restricting its development.