Proprietary SaaS Solutions for a Niche of the Automotive Industry, with c70% Recurring Revenue via Subscriptions and Services

Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000032763

Software and services provider offering unique proprietary digital data and asset management systems on a subscription basis, alongside publishing and web-design services. The company’s in-house team of developers design and maintain all systems, offering bespoke consultancy and support services to ensure effective API integration, and provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of each client. With a modular design, the company’s tools work optimally as a full suite, which provides ample scope for lucrative add-on subscription sales, following the successful sale of a single tool.

Key Aspects

Experienced second-tier management team across its UK office, and newly established EU office, with client relationships managed at all levels of the business.

Strong and growing order book for April 2021-March 2022, standing at over £1.6m as of Jan 2021.

3-5 year ‘sticky’ contracts in place with the vast majority of clients for ongoing subscriptions to the company’s software solutions. Current contract value stands at over £2.3m.

Streamlined operational model and staffing team, with much administration automated by the company’s established internal systems.

Impressive blue-chip client base encompassing international automotive groups and manufacturers.

A suite of solutions, accessible 24/7 with enhanced and scalable functionality, providing a range of options with regards price point and operational impact for clients across markets.

Training, configuration and customisation is provided to all clients, in addition to bespoke branding.


Secure a lucrative recurring revenue model with significant opportunity for add-on subscription and services sales.

Obtain an industry-leading suite of in-demand software solutions (and all associated IP), that could be rapidly scaled with minimal additional cost to the business.

Opportunity for an acquirer to immediately gain ‘sticky’ client relationships with leading manufacturers and retailers - that rapidly become highly dependent after onboarding - and leverage these to cross-sell complementary services.

Opportunity for an acquirer to apply the company’s unique solutions to new industries, with the ability to diversify into parallel sectors via re-skinning of technologies for alternative markets.

Opportunity for an acquirer to leverage the company’s international footholds (utilising its recently established EU office) to expand rapidly across geographical markets.