Importer & Online Retailer of Van Styling Accessories

Central England
Consumer, Food & Retail; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data; Transportation
Client Code: BN000033579
Turnover (Forecast): £1,593,000
EBITDA (Forecast): £280,000

Online retailer of a range of van styling accessories including roof racks, body styling, sidebars & custom fitted sunshades.

Most sales are generated via the company’s e-commerce platforms. B2B sales are expanding & provide significant scope for further growth.

Key Aspects
  • Has experienced explosive growth over the past three years, due to an increasing number of people choosing to customise commercial vehicles for hobbies & camping trips.
  • The van styling accessories market has undergone significant growth over the past ten years & continues to do so.
  • This growth has been accelerated by Covid-19 & restrictions on international travel.
  • Current premises have the capacity to reach c.£5m in turnover.
  • Lean business model allows the company to make reactive decisions on new stock/products faster than competitors & has led to gains in market share.
  • Highly-experienced shareholder, with 30 years in the automotive industry, willing to provide consultancy post-sale. 
  • The market continues to grow as Covid-19 has increased demand for UK-based holidays & converted commercial vehicles.
  • Bolt-on opportunity for a larger acquirer in a similar sector to add a rapidly growing, streamlined company to its portfolio—opening a new stream of revenue.
  • The extra resources of an acquirer will provide the company with the ability to purchase the additional stock required to keep up with product’s proliferating demand.
  • Expansion into the additional unit at the current site would provide capacity for c.£7m turnover.
  • Develop sales of recently introduced, popular products & further expand product range to keep up with current market trends.