Highly Innovative Fabrication & Installation Specialist, Delivering Bespoke Projects for Globally Renowned Institutions

Construction; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000033989
Turnover (Projected): £6,620,000
EBITDA (Projected): £301,000

Partnering with prestigious architects and high-profile organisations, the company specialises in creative fabrication, design, and installation, to create culturally renowned work, producing large-scale exhibitions across a broad range of sectors and purpose requirements. Operating as a one-stop shop for scenery and exhibition production, the company has established a strong foothold in the museum & heritage sector, boasting a distinctively innovative approach with various specialisms sourced in-house. The company operates at the centre of one of the UK's foremost creative hubs, actively contributing to the sector, institutions and audiences, of the local and regional communities.

Key Aspects
  • Comprehensive service offering, working closely with high-profile architects and world-renowned institutions to create bespoke exhibitions, tailored to diverse project requirements.
  • The company boasts an enviable client base and strong foothold in the creative arts sector, benefitting from a strong and mutually supportive relationship with the Local Authority, as well as a relevant regional and national industry bodies and other related network.
  • Operating a one-stop shop for scenery & exhibition production, the company benefits from a diverse in-house skillset, with most project requirements delivered via its talented team.
  • Design pedigree and innovative approach unrivalled by larger organisations, with competitors frequently favouring a more commercial/shop fit-out approach.
  • Capable second-tier management structure, with several decades accumulated service experience at the company.
  • The company consistently passes the supplier qualification stage of client assessments to secure opportunities for specialist work via successful tendering for areas with high entry thresholds.
  • Secures high value projects situated nationwide, often overseeing up to 10 sites at any one time.
  • Benefits from a highly lucrative network within a sought-after sector, receiving substantial volumes of repeat custom on current projects through existing clients opening multiple museum sites.
  • Continue the company’s plans to focus on permanent museum & gallery fit-out projects, to lengthen project lead times and strengthen existing project pipeline, mitigating the risks of short-term interruption.
  • In-house expertise transferrable to a myriad of industries, including interior fit out, corporate events, television & film, construction, furniture and shop fitting, with the shareholders actively targeting the diversification of projects secured across multiple sector.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer operating in the same sector to expand its market share, gaining an enviable client base of world-renowned institutions in a range of UK locations.
  • Continue the company’s plans to further develop its CNC department and launch it as a separate business offering.
  • Introduce a sales division to actively target more long-term, permanent contracts, to secure higher value engagements and yield more favourable profit margins.
  • Opportunity for an international acquirer to gain a foothold in the lucrative UK marketplace, as a bolt-on acquisition.
  • Opportunity to continue to further expand the company’s existing marketing strategy via proven tools such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords and social media marketing.
  • Clear cost-synergies and cross selling opportunities for an acquirer operating within the museum & heritage space.