Commercial Energy Broker - Gas, Electricity, Water & Telecommunications

Business Services; Energy & Power
Client Code: BN000035954
Turnover (Forecast): £1,263,000
EBITDA (Forecast): £216,000

Commercial energy broker providing independent, non-biased recommendations & savings advice to a diverse range of nationwide SME clients.

Advises on the procurement, supply & contractual renewal of all major utilities, including natural gas, electricity, water & telecommunications.

Key Aspects
  • Majority of sales are commission-based & generated from suppliers for the volume of energy sold to associated clients via one-to-five-year utility supply contracts.
  • Achieves 80% renewal rate & significant repeat business due to quality of services.
  • No overreliance on any single client or site, servicing c.1,300 sites for gas provision (191 gWh) & c.3,800 sites for electricity provision (200gWh).
  • 100% supplier retention rate & strong relationships extending over several decades with all major suppliers.
  • Trusted base of sales agents operating across the UK & driving new business opportunities.
  • Shareholders are open to remaining involved in a reduced capacity to ensure a seamless handover period.
  • Increase paid advertising or digital marketing to compliment word of mouth referrals & drive new sales. 
  • Expand service offering provided to the water industry to capitalise on increased demand as the market develops.
  • Bolt-on opportunity for a larger broker looking to enter the SME market, or a company with a complimentary service offering looking to secure cross-selling opportunities.
  • By increasing the number of sales agents utilised, the company could capitalise on increased demand following Covid-19, whilst requiring only marginal investments in back-office support.