Cloud-based AI SaaS Platform for Global Telehealth and Digitalisation of Clinical Pathways, with 70% Recurring Licence Revenue

Client Code: BN000036356
Turnover (Actual): £1,060,000
EBITDA (Actual): £594,000

SaaS solution for the global healthcare market, offering best-of-breed technologies in telehealth, with capabilities to digitising Clinical Pathways. Created alongside renowned clinical partners such as the NHS and leading academic institutions, the solution is universally accessible, via familiar everyday messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and iMessage. Utilises an AI chatbot to interact with patients, supporting their wellbeing, and providing clinicians full visibility of all their patients' current status in a single dashboard. Tried and tested throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by major healthcare organisations, the platform is now ready to be rapidly scaled.

Key Aspects
  • Platform enables end-to-end remote management of acute and long-term conditions, with integrated video consultations.
  • Created in partnership with leading healthcare organisations and academic institutions, the proprietary SaaS technology is wholly owned by the company, integrated with third-party applications to offer a complete solution.
  • UK's largest Remote Patient Monitoring provider for monitoring acute COVID-19.
  • Rapid deployment of platform within days ensures efficient implementation, and seamless integration with numerous clinical pathways.
  • Platform integrates with the core NHS foundation systems to ensure clinical data is automatically added to a patient's master health record.
  • Demonstrated exceptional impact on maximising clinical efficiencies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with c86% of online assessments resolved using the platform's chat function. This helped drive a c80% reduction in clinical time required per patient.
  • Since launch the platform has secured three-year SaaS contracts with major healthcare providers worth over £1m, with 75% GP margin secured on platform licences.
  • Award-winning solution currently used for over 2 million patients, with extremely high levels of patient adoption, as a result of accessible onboarding and ease-of-use (with no app download or log-in required).
  • Certified as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier and established on procurement network.
  • Rapidly scale SaaS offering at minimal cost, to new global markets, and adjacent areas of patient care.
  • Capitalise on new contract for with major global health insurance client in Asia to develop a new product offering for the insurance market using the platform, with a projected reach of 3.5 million customers.
  • Grow alongside rapidly expanding telehealth market (forecast >20% CAGR), benefiting from increasing NHS funding streams for management of long-term conditions.
  • The company is in advanced talks with private healthcare providers, which will enable it to offer solutions to this currently untapped market.
  • Leverage the changing landscape of healthcare brought about by COVID-19, providing a rapidly scalable solution that enables highly effective remote patient monitoring, and significantly improves clinician and patient experience.
  • Grow business development focus, to increase direct sales, and sales via lucrative industry partnerships.
  • Continue to technically develop the platform to remain at the forefront of this immature market, and successfully grow alongside it over the coming years.
  • Opportunity for an acquirer to immediately secure a foothold within the UK Healthcare market via an established NHS supplier.
  • Explore complementary sectors that could benefit from a remote patient monitoring, or telehealth solution, including the private healthcare sector.