Provider of supported living services for adults with high or moderate support needs

Client Code: BN000041267
Turnover: £1,794,000
EBITDA: £344,000

The company provides supported living services to adults requiring high or moderate support requirements due to learning or physical disabilities across 8 care settings in South-East Wales and within clients' homes.

Specialising in delivering 24-hour care packages, the organisation caters to clients with needs relating to learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy, physical disabilities, and secondary mental health issues, delivering the service at the company’s facilities or in the clients’ homes.

Key Aspects
  • Supports adults with varying levels of living assistance within properties owned by a related company and within clients family homes.
  • Currently provides a service to 16 clients utilising 65 workers and provides around 1600 care hours per week.
  • High levels of client retention due to the high standard of care delivered.
  • The company holds long-term supported living contracts with local authorities which are in charge of placing clients.
  • Open ended ISCs (individual service contracts) are held for each client, which is subject to an annual uplift linked to inflation or increases in the minimum wage.
  • Limited reliance on the shareholders, with day-to-day operations conducted by the second-tier management team.
  • Provides induction training to all new staff, as well as annual training thereafter in line with all regulations and standards in SLAs.
  • The company is currently embarking on the process of obtaining a sponsorship license to employ foreign nationals on a more flexible basis.

Opportunity to grow through filling current vacancies in newly acquired and existing property, resulting in an additional 400-550 weekly care hours.

Opportunity to acquire a well-established business in the health care sector, operating in an area of the UK that has a large consumer pool.

Potential for care providers elsewhere in the UK to secure a foothold in Wales.

Surging demand for domiciliary care in Wales, presents substantial opportunity for natural expansion.

Investment potential in a robust sector, as the UK's domestic health market has consistently surged upward in the past decade.

Ideal acquirer would be an existing, larger care provider capable of optimising operations through the integration of training and back-office functions like payroll, HR, and Policies & Procedures.

Opportunity for an organisation to diversify and specialise in other niche areas within the care sector, allowing for the provision of additional services without the need for additional managerial hires.