A Profitable Provider of Workforce Solutions and Labour & Recruitment Services to the Energy, Utilities and Renewables sectors, Deriving 90% of Revenue from Contracts.

South-East England, UK
Business Services
Client Code: BN000047695
Turnover (Forecast): £7,300,000
EBITDA (Forecast): £1,100,000

A reputable supplier of workforce solutions and labour & recruitment services to the Energy, Utilities and Renewables sectors, deriving 90% of revenue from contracts. Services include large-scale workforce supply, labour-only sub-contract, specialist contingent recruitment and provision of bespoke workforce solution & training projects. The company has tripled profits year-on-year and is serving a mixture of clients from smaller companies to long-term agreements with blue chip utilities & energy companies. The company holds formally-contracted accounts with large companies and is ready for another period of exponential growth.

Key Aspects
  • 90% of revenue derives from Contracted Workforce Provision and Recruitment, enforcing secure revenue streams. Contracts are 3-years or 12-months renewing.
  • Strong and reputable industry profile and is well-known within its niches, including Renewables Field Installation & Smart Metering.
  • Employs a unique, flexible approach to client requests, allowing for great attention-to-detail and efficiency.
  • Strong, favourable reputation among clients and candidates, described in many positive testimonials.
  • Diverse client base, spanning the UK & Internationally with a 100% retention rate.
  • Has renewing contacts with its two largest customers, representing strong relationships and ensuring recurring revenue.
  • Has secured new contracts year-on-year and aims to secure at least 1-2 new Workforce Solutions Contracts each year.
  • 100% supplier retention rate, with long-term contracts in place to ensure stable costs.
  • Maintains long-term relationships with clients, with a high proportion of repeat custom, affirming the company’s high quality service offering.
  • The company has a strong and capable second-tier management structure that has minimal reliance on the current shareholders.
  • Highly scalable business model, with opportunities for exponential growth.
  • Great opportunity to accelerate the Company’s growth through an investment into more diverse marketing and sales activities, including a heightened social media presence.
  • Increase number of contingent recruitment terms being signed weekly by 360 consultant teams.
  • Supported by new Business Development activities as well as key management hires, the company is focusing on the securing of additional Workforce Solutions Contracts to attract further revenue, simultaneously minimising reliance on the current shareholders.
  • Opportunity to expand into other growth markets, including: Renewable Project Development, Battery Technology & Storage, Renewable Project Construction, Grid Connections & Power Systems, Offshore Renewables & District Heating.
  • There is a great opportunity to capitalise on skill gaps in other niches including Smart Metering, Heat Pumps, EV, Solar & Battery Storage, Domestic Retrofit, Domestic Net Zero, Water Metering, Telecommunications, Fiberoptics & Broadband.
  • Opportunity for global expansion. The company is targeting international business in 2024/25, focusing on the US, Canada & Continental Europe.
  • Opportunity to shift within the UK market to cover white collar contractors.
  • With growth, the company could enter into complementary markets, including Maritime, Oil & Gas, Data Centre and Energy Technologies including IOT.