Experts at Designing and Developing Evidence and Campaigns To Support Healthcare Innovations Across the World

Business Services; Healthcare
Client Code: BM004456
Turnover (Forecast): £2,817,000
EBITDA (Forecast): £1,158,000

Internationally renowned experts in developing consensus-led evidence that gets published, communicated and drives change for major blue-chip clients internationally. Using its amplified approach of a popular, systematic and recognised methodology, the company has built a strong reputation for its expertise, speed and efficiency across a diverse range of blue-chip clients internationally, which has resulted in high-levels of referral business.

Key Aspects
  • Diverse client base consisting of major blue-chip clients located internationally.
  • Widely regarded as experts in their field with a highly responsive approach that enables its clients to drive impact in their marketplace with urgency.
  • Work backed by experts, and available in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Master service agreements in place with multiple, global blue-chip healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Consensus experts, with a dedicated expertise in the company’s amplified version of the Delphi Consensus.
  • 85% staff retention over the past five years.
  • 75% of business is secured through referral and repeat business with 25% secured via automated business development channels.
  • Limited day-to-day reliance on the shareholders.
  • 2 current members of staff are prepared to take over shareholders responsibilities post-sale.
  • Acquirers with connections to clients in further international markets, to expand the company’s geographical reach, particularly for acquirers with a presence in the USA, who can increase projects in the USA.
  • Opportunity to build on the company’s established reputation and dominate its existing customer segment through focussing on medical affairs, selling an expanded range of communications materials to support the core deliverables.
  • Potential to expand services into similar sectors outside of human health, such as animal health, nutrition, robotics, nano-medicine and AI.
  • The company could expand its profile of clients leading to operations in new medical areas.
  • With the company’s diverse skillset, there is potential to expand into further industries including (but not limited to): petrochemicals, agriculture and farming, environmental industry, IT, wider policy needs, education and financial services.