Specialised provider of recruitment solutions primarily within the SaaS and Fintech industries.

Business Services
Client Code: BN000052379
Turnover (Projected): £3,000,000
EBITDA (Projected): £583,000

A specialised provider of recruitment solutions, primarily within the SaaS and Fintech industries, providing top-tier individuals and teams to clients, empowering them to excel in their selected markets and regions. The company operates mainly across the UK, Mainland Europe, and North America, but also places candidates across Africa, North America and Asia. The company is highly commercially focussed and effectively facilitates cross-border talent acquisition for its clients.

Key Aspects
  • Industry-leading recruitment company focussing on providing commercial and technical recruitment solutions in the SaaS and FinTech sectors.
  • Operates on a global scale and upholds a reputation for attracting and placing top talent worldwide in the SaaS and Fintech sectors.
  • Strong and effective second tier management structure with limited reliance on shareholders.
  • Distinct structured methodology ensures the sourcing of top talent, creating robust client and candidate relationships and a significant amount of repeat business.
  • Demonstrated a robust operational resilience, successfully weathering the '.com' crash and the adverse impacts of the pandemic.
  • Engages daily with individuals within its specialised sectors, leading to a highly competitive industry expertise and strong industry network.
  • Retains a database of almost 200,000 talented individuals and over 50,000 companies.
  • Strong company ethos and reputation for care and commitment.
  • A similar trade acquirer could absorb the business to bring in an industry-leader within the SaaS and FinTech sectors, gaining access to deeply established sector knowledge, a highly-developed network and business acumen in the space.
  • Acquirer could continue to open new offices in strategic locations, both in the UK and abroad, using the company's proven roll out strategy.
  • Business could be grown by introducing new marketing and digital marketing strategies to enhance the presence and brand of the business.
  • The highly structured and proven search methodology consistently delivers results and can be adapted to suit other sectors.
  • Opportunity to acquire a company with decades of experience in recruitment within the SaaS and Fintech sector, firmly establishing itself as an industry leader.
  • A further investment into staff numbers would facilitate growth.