A Premier Engineering Company Specialising in Customised Electric Power Steering Systems and Tailored Wiring Harnesses for Diverse Industries.

Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000054428
Turnover (Actual): £972,000
EBITDA (Actual): £268,000

A leading engineering firm focusing on electric power steering solutions and bespoke wiring harnesses, serving various industries. It operates as two entities, both reputable for maintaining high standards and offering bespoke solutions for clients. In the UK, the company specialises in power steering products for motorsport and beyond, fostering global partnerships. The US entity focuses on wiring harnesses for the motorsport, automotive, marine, and defence sectors, expanding into the growing electric power steering market in the Americas.

Key Aspects
  • Operates as two separate entities in the UK and in the USA.
  • Specialises in Electric Power Steering and related products for a diverse range of vehicles, including autonomous and electric vehicles - often custom designed for specific applications - while providing dedicated support to the established client base.
  • Designs and builds custom made, lightweight wiring harnesses for vehicles from a range of industries including motorsport, marine and defence in alignment with customer specifications.
  • Has the latest cutting-edge wiring harness design software.
  • Has the ability to use in-house, automated test equipment to test the wiring harnesses manufactured to speed up production and guarantee quality.
  • R&D rapid prototyping specialists for both EPAS and harnesses due to motorsport heritage.
  • Over the past five years, the company has served c.650 customers.
  • Customer acquisition is achieved through referrals, online visibility, participation in trade shows and memberships in prominent associations.
  • Leveraging its informative website, the company actively promotes its expertise and engages with potential clients to generate new business opportunities.
  • Staff members receive regular training to ensure adherence to industry standards and market demands.
  • By developing steering systems for marine vessels, the company would anticipate global interest and potential game-changing impact, especially with new emission regulations for worldwide waterways.
  • With new links with suppliers, the company would be well-positioned to supply components for the new Indycar platform with hybrid drive, solidifying industry recognition.
  • Increasing sales of power steering systems to autonomous customers present opportunities for additional wiring harness and hardware sales.
  • Expanding applications in autonomous buses, trucks, and last-mile delivery vehicles would create worldwide opportunities for EPAS systems.
  • The company, by drawing upon its expertise in lightweight wiring harness supply within motorsport, would be strategically positioned to explore potential collaborations in military R&D vehicles and tenders.