Residential Fabricator of Stairs and Cabinets

Southeast US
Construction; Consumer, Food & Retail; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BM005621
Revenue (TTM): $1,240,304

The company designs, builds, and remodels custom and beautifully hand-crafted staircases and cabinets for homeowners. The company utilizes many different materials including domestic woods, imported tropical hardwoods, glass, stainless steel, and forged iron. The revenue breakdown for 2020 follows: stairs (75%), cabinets (10%), the balance was ecommerce sales of complimentary products.

Key Aspects

• Longstanding presence in the market, in business for over four decades

• Timeless craftsmanship and innovative designs

• Established website for customers to purchase complimentary stair products

• Majority of work is for new construction (75%), balance of work is remodel

• Majority of work is performed in-house

• High profit margins in installation of curved stairs

• Member of the Stairway Manufacturing Association (SMA)


• Employ more welders and carpenters

• Establish a dedicated regional sales team

• Promote e-commerce sales of stair products

• Option to open a satellite office in Naples, Florida


• Southwest Florida

Current Markets

• Mainly residential customers in Southwest Florida

Real Estate

• The company operates from both an 8,000 sq. ft. production facility, and separate showroom, leased from unrelated third parties.