General Government Contractor for Worldwide Furnishing Solutions

Northeast US
Construction; Education & Government
Client Code: BM003485
Revenue (Reviewed): $17,896,000
EBITDA (Reviewed): $1,318,000

The company is a general contractor specializing in furnishing buildings worldwide. The company coordinates complete packaged room projects from the beginning stages to delivery, installation and final completion. In addition, the company handles any future reconfiguration and expansion. The company works in conjunction with a soft goods provider.

Key Aspects

• GSA contractor operating over four decades Longstanding relationships with suppliers worldwide

• No vendor or manufacturer agreement limitation

• Excellent reputation for reliability and quality

• Skilled and experienced management team 90% of revenue based on repeat business

• Since inception, approximatively 65% of revenue generated in the US

• 29.1% compound annual revenue growth from 2017-2020


• Increase project management team and sales force

• Expand project solutions to include information technology and audiovisual products and services

• Develop commercial customers' market

• Grow international projects


• East Coast

Current Markets

• The company supports clients worldwide

Real Estate

• The company operates from three locations with a combined total of 30,700 sq. ft. The headquarters are owned by the company´s owner and is not included in the sale. The owner will entertain a long-term lease. Two additional locations are owned by unrelated entity.