Construction Company Specializes in Earthwork and Bridge Construction BM020823

Southeast US
Construction; Education & Government
Client Code: BM020823
Revenue (Internal): $34,469,333
EBITDA (Internal): $4,963,252

The company provides general construction services, specializing in earthwork and bridge construction. The Company also offers excavation, hauling, general grade work, and constructing heavy construction projects. The company has an extensive equipment fleet that is very well maintained. The company has vast experiences working with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Tennessee Department of Transportation, US Army Corp of Engineers, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Key Aspects

· Strong management team with over 120 years of experience

· Extensive equipment fleet that is well maintained and reduces operating

expenses by not having to rent equipment from a third party

· Third generation business that has been operating for 44 years

· Profitable business with a strong balance sheet


· General market indicators, such as stabilizing crude oil prices, tend to

forecast a positive outlook for increased state budgets and future

construction projects

· Government spending on infrastructure and bridge projects is expected

to continue and the US economy continues to strengthen

· Develop a formal purchasing strategy for additional equipment to

expand the number of projects the company can work at a given time

· Develop a rental program to ensure the company is maximizing the fleets

full utility. Indicates a large future market with no shortage of project


· Deficient U.S. bridges


· Southeast United States

Real Estate

· The company operates from an affiliate-owned property. The affiliate

would like to lease, rather than sell the real estate.