Fast Growing Multi-Disciplinary Medical Practice

Midwest U.S.
Client Code: BN000026363
Revenue (Internal): $14,152,728
EBITDA (Internal): $4,310,544

The company is a multi-disciplinary medical practice that specializes in infectious diseases, wound care, infusion, and internal medicine. The company was founded in 2018 and is strategically located in the Midwest, United States

Key Aspects
  • Exponential revenue growth; Over $9million in the first year of operations and an outstanding 13 percent annual growth through 2020 with the year 2020 EBITDA representing 30 percent of total revenue
  • In-office infectious disease consulting
  • One of the shortest outpatient's visitation wait times in the area
  • Physicians’ expertise and outstanding reputation
  • Expert in insurance carriers’ prior authorization for special medications
  • Engaged and experienced supporting staff
  • Collaboration with nearby Genesys hospital which helps drive upward outpatient revenue
  • Website: an official company’s website is likely to help bolster marketing effort and capture more revenue.
  • E-technology: there is significant growth opportunity through telemedicine, electronic health records, computerized order entry for medications.
  • Growing demand for the company’s services: revenue increased exponentially in the two years of operations
  • Capture a greater market share by expanding into additional geographic locations

Grand Blanc, Michigan

Current Markets

The company currently serves patients across the greater Flint, Michigan area. 

Potential Markets


Real Estate

The company is strategically located in a facility adjacent to Genesys Regional Medical Center. The company’s facility is leased from an unrelated third party