Comprehensive Family Practice Clinic

Southeast US
Client Code: BN000026767
Revenue (Internal): $2,030,320
EBITDA (Internal): $184,646

The company is a primary care, family practice clinic that specializes in comprehensive and holistic healthcare. The company’s core specialties include pain management, cardiac care, and preventative care. Additional services include gastrointestinal treatment, addiction treatment, X-rays, stress testing, diabetes care, and lab services.

Key Aspects

• From 2018 through 2021, the company has maintained consistent revenues averaging $2,100,000

• In-house endoscopy, surgery, and nuclear medicine suites

• Management notes that 95% of revenue comes from returning patients

• Strong market presence in the state, and a reputation for high[1]quality holistic healthcare

• Diverse set of service offerings, including treatments tailored for patients of various ages and conditions

• Online portal established, providing patients 24/7 access to lab results, health information, and the ability to schedule appointments and message staff


• Capitalize on the facility’s in-house exam and operating suites, expanding into a multi-disciplinary practice

• Begin providing colonoscopy and endoscopy services, as well as nuclear stress tests, to expand the company's available service options

• Develop a strategic marketing campaign to attract new clients in new regions throughout the Southeast US 


• Southeast USA 

Current Markets

• The company serves a variety of patients of all ages and conditions throughout the county with additional patients in the surrounding states. 

Real Estate

• The company operates from a 14,000 sq. ft. facility, leased from an affiliated entity. Management notes there is room to grow in the current facility and that ownership is open to including the real estate in the sale or negotiating a long-term lease.