Long-established Collision Repair Centers in Midland, Texas

Southwest US
Client Code: BN000025225
Revenue (Internal): $11,889,000
EBITDA (Internal): $1,470,219

This offering consists of two entities located in Midland, Texas. Both entities have offered collision repair services to residential and commercial customers for decades and have contracts in place with several insurance companies in the area.

Key Aspects
  • High population growth combined with booming economy in the Permian Basin has created an environment with high demand for collision repair services
  • Contracts in place with top insurance companies in the area
  • Both companies have strong reputations built over decades of operations
  • ´╗┐Experienced, skilled and I-Car certified repair technicians on staff
  • Deploy a comprehensive advertising campaign targeted at residential customers to gain market share
  • Establish social media presence to build brand awareness
  • Synergistic add-on for existing collision repair centers looking to expand into the Permian Basin
  • Midland, Texas
Current Markets
  • Both companies serve residential and commercial customers in the Permian Basin. The companies gain customer referrals from contracts in place with top insurance companies in the area.
Real Estate
  • Both collision repair centers are approximately 25,000 square-feet and are in good condition, having been repaired in 2018.