Freight Hauling Company with a Strong Reputation - BN000028279

Southeast US
Business Services; Transportation
Client Code: BN000028279
Revenue (Internal): $16,901,797
EBITDA (Internal): $2,985,890

The company is an over-the-road (OTR) freight hauling company that provides long-haul, medium-haul, and dry-freight transportation services for customers across the United States. Having provided trucking services for more than thirty years, the company has a strong reputation for high quality service in the trucking industry.

Key Aspects

• Experienced personnel

• More than thirty years of operations

• Long-term customer relationships

• Operations across the United States

• More than ninety drivers

• Trailer pool of 190 trailers

• Continued steady operations during COVID-19


• Increase drivers to reach more customers

• Expand operations to include smaller local deliveries

• Increase marketing techniques and social media presence

• Add brokerage division to operations

• Concentrate on steady back haul lanes

• Expand operations to include refer hauling, flatbed hauling, and intermodal hauling



Real Estate

The company operates from a sixteen-acre property owned by an affiliated company. The property is available for sale with the company.