Landscape and Hardscape Design and Construction Company

Southeast US
Client Code: BM011470
Revenue (YTD): $599,000
EBITDA (YTD): $14,333

The company offers end-to-end solutions for landscape and hardscape construction, irrigation services, and lawn maintenance for commercial and residential projects. The company also offers innovative design and installation of outdoor lighting, outdoor living amenities such as outdoor kitchens, and snow/ice removal services.

Key Aspects

• The company features turnkey operations with key managers

• The owners have developed a strong brand with an excellent reputation for high-quality results

• The company is located near high-growth metropolitan areas that provide robust demand for the company's services

• 30% of revenue comes from subscription-based maintenance services

• The company offers a wide scope of end-to-end service offerings thanks to the deep level of staff expertise, giving the company numerous up-selling opportunities

• The company is approached daily with opportunities to bid on projects, both small and large

• The recent COVID-19 pandemic has had a minimal effect on the performance of the company


• Increasing marketing efforts through sales personnel would expand the company's customer base

• High rate of regional growth in residential and commercial construction provides numerous opportunities to partner with developers

• Growth has intentionally been kept at bay as owners are approaching retirement and are looking for a quick sale, so buyers can quickly jump in and rapidly expand operations

• There are synergistic opportunities for construction, property management, single or multi-faceted businesses

• The company's online presence can be improved by redesigning the company's website


• North Carolina

Current Markets

• The company services commercial and residential projects within a 50 mile radius of the company's headquarters

Real Estate

• The company operates from a 1,200 square foot office facility and a 2,000 square foot warehouse on a six acre parcel of land leased from an affiliated entity. There is ample room for expansion. The premises are not included in the sale of the company, but the affiliated entity is willing to negotiate a rental agreement.