Integrated Healthcare Solutions Provider for Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Southeast US
Healthcare; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000030759
Revenue (Internal): $1,214,241
EBITDA (Internal): $113,261

The company is a leading provider of integrated healthcare solutions specializing in medical imaging technology. This opportunity also includes a subsidiary company that provides these same solutions localized to its country of operation. In addition to the sale of imaging equipment, the company provides experienced biomedical services such as technology management & maintenance, digital infrastructure development, turn-key solutions, equipment relocations, and service engineering support.

Key Aspects

• Revenue for the primary and subsidiary company grew at compound annual growth rates of 19.0% and 85.6%, respectively, from 2018 through 2021

• From 2018 through 2021, gross profit margins for the primary and subsidiary company averaged 52.0% and 51.3%, respectively

• Diversified revenue streams, including equipment sales, high[1]margin biomedical services, and consumables

• 75% of customer base is under reoccurring service contracts, providing a steady revenue stream and high customer retention

• Strong presence throughout the Caribbean, where the company has a credible reputation for excellent service, efficient communications, operations, systems, and customer-centric staff

Financial Disclaimer: A portion of revenues and costs are subject to intercompany transactions that have not been identified. Financial results for both entities have not been combined due to being presented in different currencies, different accounting methods, and intercompany transactions.


• Diversify equipment offering to reach additional specialties in the healthcare industry

• Expand into government hospitals with larger equipment needs

• Expand geographically to reach more countries in the Caribbean

• Convert a greater share of new equipment sales into service contracts with recurring revenue

• Capitalize on product-life replacement opportunities with new equipment 


• Southeast US 

Current Markets

• The company serves a variety of professions within the healthcare diagnostic imaging industry throughout the Caribbean. 

Real Estate

• The company operates from two warehouse spaces, with all office employees effectively working remotely. These warehouses are located in the United States and the Caribbean and are leased from unrelated third parties.