Public Sector Management Consulting Firm

Business Services
Client Code: BN000029891
Revenue (Internal): $4,229,000
EBITDA (Internal): $1,047,482

The company is a management consulting firm that specializes in supporting government agencies in need of transforming their operations, financial management services, and information technology management services. The company has a strong history of performance and is well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities that will provide a great future for the company.

Key Aspects

• Award-winning turnkey business with a superior reputation for delivering high quality quantifiable results to an attractive list of clients

• Average net margins are higher than industry averages and are expected to remain higher than industry averages as a result of highly efficient operations

• Approximately 90% of revenues come from repeat business thanks to longstanding relationships that have been maintained over the life of the company

• The company secures comparatively longer contracts than most peers, allowing the company to plan development of the business with higher accuracy

• The company hires highly qualified and educated staff which minimizes the need for outsourcing labor to subcontractors

• The company engages in proactive communication with clients and employees and provides prompt response time when issues arise

• Insulation from market cycles due to demand for services from companies experiencing a rise in profits as well as companies with falling profits looking to remain profitable provides security to the company's performance during economic downturns

• The company's highly attractive backlog and pipeline of projects provides a robust outlook for the company's future performance


• Acquisition by an 8(a) certified company would provide the inheritance of a superior reputation and increase competitive access to 8(a) set-asides

• Expansion of service offering by targeting new GSA schedules would expand sources of revenue

• Increased targeting of Department of Defense contracts would expand and diversify sources of revenue by participating in the largest segment of government contract spending

• Work with clients looking for organizational restructuring as a result of COVID19's impacts

• Set aggressive multi-year financial targets

• Increase the company's presence in trade events and increase PR efforts to enhance brand recognition


• Virginia

Current Markets

• Federal, State and Local government agencies

Real Estate

• The company currently operates remotely. Continuing operations in a remote environment is sufficient but establishing a central physical location would be ideal if a buyer is seeking business expansion.