A FinTech and Web Development Firm Specializing in Blockchain Technology

Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000030466
Revenue (YTD): $1,023,936
EBITDA (YTD): $44,341

The company is a web development and Financial Technology (FinTech) software consultancy firm. The company primarily provides comprehensive web and software development services to start-ups and established companies.

Key Aspects

• Experienced team with deep domain expertise in web and application development, blockchain architecture, marketing, and growth of startups

• Consultancy and Software Master Service Agreements (MSA’s) in place

• Fully portable global business operations

• Strong and diverse project management team in place

• Located in a dynamic and collaborative Research & Development (R&D) center

• Five-year-old FinTech company with no long-term debt to-date


• Implement strategic marketing plan to shift away from reliance on client referrals

• Capitalize on existing client partnerships to help guarantee retention throughout the project lifecycle

• Organized to be bolted on to an existing sales structure to massively accelerate growth

• Capitalize on growing market; many financial institutions and banks are developing a keen interest in bolt on blockchain technology, owing to its unique and innovative structure

• Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and expand technology offerings 

• Hire additional IT professionals to allow the company to service additional projects simultaneously


• Silicon Valley and Eastern Europe

Current Markets

• The company primarily serves early stage startups, entrepreneurs, banks, other financial market institutions, and small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s). The most active client regions are the Eastern US and Europe. 

Real Estate

• The company operates from an office space in Kyiv, Ukraine, leased from an unrelated third party.