Boutique Financial Consulting and SaaS Software Business

Southwest US
Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000030216
Revenue (YTD): $695,249
EBITDA (YTD): $175,032

The offering consists of two operating entities. The first was created to perform information & communication technology (ICT) analytics as well as to provide consulting services. The second was established to manage a SaaS-model financial modeling engine designed to offer high-level managers product and service profit and market data on dashboards at a micro level in real time.

Key Aspects

· Highly-reputed boutique financial consulting group with a household name client base

· Powerful proprietary cloud and network modeling software designed to easily and quickly develop complex financial models from cloud-based data

· High level of recurring revenue via recurring syndicated service contracts, which are expected to increase in number moving into 2021

· Tenured employees averaging decades of experience in IT, telecoms, and networking industries


· Offering is poised for explosive and scalable growth, with an established client base and decades of employee experience

· Hire dedicated business development employees to attract a larger client base for the business

· Offering can be made highly profitable with expected decrease in need for reinvestment in software

· Both operating entities are highly complimentary and may continue to partner for future growth

· Industry demand is set to grow as businesses increasingly adopt IoT, cloud, and networking services


Ownership based in Arizona, cloud-based business

Current Markets

The offering provides consulting services, syndicated services, and specialized software tools to enterprise and telecom businesses. The offering's client base primarily consists of Fortune 500 businesses and well-known technology enterprises.

Real Estate

The Group has previously hosted several virtual offices in key locations such as Silicon Valley and New York, but now operates 100% virtually hosting all documentation within cloud services.