Expense-reduction consulting firm with proven track record

Business Services
Client Code: BN000029515
Revenue (Internal): $1,993,401
EBITDA (Internal): $807,119

The company is an expense-reduction consulting firm that provides objective advice to save its clients money in the following areas: telecom; merchant services; small package shipping and waste. The company is a franchisee of a franchised business and independent from the service providers it recommends. The company's clients do not need to change from their current service providers in most cases, making the service offering easier to sell.

Key Aspects
  • Recurring revenue built into business model
  • Proven track record of success
  • Recession-proof services
  • Ability to prospect throughout entire United States and Canada
  • Well-seasoned support staff
  • Remote work operations
  • Hire additional sales staff to increase sales
  • Secure endorsements from associations as a benefit to the group’s members
  • Complimentary offering for a CPA firm or other professional services organization
  • Increase expense reduction categories offered to include eSignature and electronic logging devices
Current Markets

North America

Real Estate

The company does not have an operating facility since all employees work remotely.