Manufacturing System Controls and Electrical Design Firm with Engineering and Integration Expertise

Midwest United States
Business Services; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000030617
Revenue (Internal): $1,417,174
EBITDA (Internal): $330,311

The company is a system controls and electrical design firm providing engineering and integration expertise to complex manufacturing solutions for today’s highly autonomous and information driven production environments. The company provides unique solutions to its clients’ problems that can’t be easily found anywhere else. Also included in the sale is another company that was established to focus on the development of business intelligence software and related products and services. The two companies work together to provide software products and services that provide significant value to their customers. 

Key Aspects
  • Provides fully customizable manufacturing solutions for customers
  • Seasoned management team with deep manufacturing background and expertise
  • Superior products and services
  • Turnkey integration and implementation
  • Excellent reputation with a focus on customer service
  • Add a marketing and sales team to increase revenue
  • Expand services to include a training program
  • Invest in manufacturing artificial intelligence and traceability to increase quality and efficiency

Midwest United States

Real Estate

The company operates from a facility leased from an affiliated entity. There is room to grow in the current location. The owner will entertain selling the building or entering into a long-term lease.