Emerging Market Leader in Fiber Optic Sensing Services and Technology

Midwest, United States
Business Services; Education & Government; Energy & Power; Transportation
Client Code: BN000030711
Revenue (Internal): $2,168,177
EBITDA (Internal): $1,021,736

The company is a veteran owned business who turns existing or new fiber optic cables into acoustic sensors that measure the energy and pattern of life in the area. This enable Terra Sound to sense an environment at high accuracy and reasonable cost and tunes the sensors to detect what is important for the user. The company is currently focused on the perimeter security, oil and pipeline, and smart city markets, but the market uses are nearly endless. 

Key Aspects
  • Fiber Optic Sensing for perimeter protection, pipeline, traffic flow, and more
  • Proprietary software and algorithms
  • Reduced false positive rate from algorithms and increased asset safety
  • Experienced and dedicated team with considerable institutional knowledge
  • Established processes (engineering, quality assurance, project management)
  • Customer service focus
  • 80 percent retention rate
  • Growth potential in existing and new markets
  • Expansion of security applications
  • U.S. security skills are marketable and well received in many parts of the world when compared to other countries.
  • Increased security concerns in the global market helps drive demand for services

Midwest, United States

Current Markets

United States and Latin America

Potential Markets

Europe, Asia, and Middle East

Real Estate

The company operates from a newly updated 19,000 sq. ft. three-story office building leased from an affiliated party. The premises are not included in the offering. The company also rents 120-acres used as a test site.