Ultra-Luxury Residential Architecture Firm

Southeast US
Client Code: BN000030378
Revenue (Internal): $1,542,017
EBITDA (Internal): $453,567

The company is an architectural firm specializing in the design of custom ultra-luxury homes for high net worth clients. The company is highly-acclaimed and has been featured in multiple trade publications for its signature designs.

Key Aspects

• Average adjusted EBITDA margins of 27% over the past four years

• Experienced in-house architecture and design team in place

• Average new home design fee is $200,000

• Nearly four decades of operating history

• Customer base is largely unaffected by economic conditions

• Superior reputation within luxury home design market


• Leverage brand reputation to expand into commercial architecture services

• Close proximity to growing metropolitan area provides ample opportunity to design new homes and commercial buildings

• Offer architectural services to clients building homes in the $500k - $1.2 million range

• Sell home design plans online

• Expand geographic presence


• Southeast U.S.

Current Markets

• The company's customers are primarily high net worth individuals looking to design and build luxury homes in the Southeast United States.

Real Estate

• The company operates from a 1,700 square foot facility leased from an affiliated entity. The owner is willing to entertain including the facility in the sale of the company.