Custom Rigid Polyurethane Foam Company

Midwest United States
Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000031958
Revenue (Internal): $2,434,143
EBITDA (Internal): $687,376

Rigid polyurethane foam company that manufactures a wide-range of plastic products, specializing in products for the marine industry.

Key Aspects
  • Patent pending for polyurethane tables used in the marine industry and the only company in the United States currently manufacturing these tables
  • Great reputation
  • Established relationships with marine industry leaders
  • Potential to license or sell patent if it is approved
  • Create in-house sales team
  • Expand product lines offered
  • Expand into new geographic territories
  • Increased interest in outdoor activities


Current Markets

Midwest and Southeast regions

Potential Markets

United States

Real Estate

The company leases 30,000 square feet from a 110,000 square foot facility. There is room to expand within the current facility and space available in a separate facility located nearby.