Engineering and Construction provider of Industrial Refrigeration Facilities

Southeast US
Business Services; Construction; Industrial & Manufacturing
Client Code: BN000031216
Revenue (Internal): $10,930,000
EBITDA (Internal): $576,000

The company is an engineering and construction provider for perishable food and industrial refrigeration facilities. The company’s qualified team has managed thousands of design and build projects in 35 states and 8 countries.

Key Aspects

• Operational history spans over five decades

• Strong work-in-progress log with over $41M in potential revenue

• Licensed to operate in 35 states

• Revenue surpassed $10M in 2020

• Diverse disciplines including engineering, general construction, refrigeration, and training courses

• Lean, highly-specialized team of engineers

• Top supplier relationships span over 40 years

• Deep, established experience in industrial refrigeration


• Develop a company marketing plan to focus on growth

• Further development of the company website to improve online traffic

• Grow sales force with additional experienced representatives

• Continue to grow public sector presence

• Leverage extensive staff of specialists and subject matter experts 


• Southeast United States

Current Markets

• The company currently serves customers in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean.