Engineering Services and Consulting Company focused on Hi-Tech Structural Analysis

Business Services; Construction; Environmental, Waste & Recycling; Industrial & Manufacturing; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000030414
Revenue (Internal): $2,910,895
EBITDA (Internal): $1,131,867

The company is a roof, paving, and building enclosure consulting and engineering service company. It is also a construction technology company with patented technology that allows the company to specialize in providing analysis of roofs, walls, parking lots, steam lines, and buildings using its patented diagnostic technology. RAM USA offers large portfolio building owners the capability to assess their building assets quickly and economically.

Key Aspects
  • The company owns patented technology to collect and analyze roofing and pavement data at the highest level of accuracy and at the lowest cost in the industry
  • RAM USA’s services offer a significant ROI while reduces landfill waste and the carbon footprint.
  • Developed a proprietary web-based asset management and subscription program
  • 35 plus years of experience, strong reputation
  • Winner of 2017 and 2018 JLL supplier of distinction award (SODA)
  • Competing with 50,000 venders internationally
  • Invest in enhancing technology and AI capabilities, significantly reducing time to process pavement and roofing scans
  • Increase market share through advertising, sales force, and social media presence
  • Patent pending system for objectively and quickly analyzing large areas for lighting levels
  • Patent pending system installed into roof for constant monitoring
  • Patent pending method to manufacture roof insulation with higher R Value and 4 times more heat dissipation at same cost
  • Patent pending system and method to repair roads at high speed
  • Patent pending multi sensor device to deploy for remote monitoring of building construction / roof installation


Current Markets

Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Property Management

Potential Markets

Services are not industry specific but include any industry with an enclosed building and roof. The technology is cross-functional and effective for use on asphalt as well, making parking lots, road systems and infrastructure a market opportunity.

Real Estate

The company operates from a 6,000 square-foot office facility that sits on 4.5 acres leased from an affiliated entity. There is room to grow in the current location.