US Federal Government IT Professional Services Firm

Business Services; Education & Government; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000036479
Revenue (Internal): $19,646,297
EBITDA (Internal): $2,585,393

A full service consulting firm that works with US federal government agencies to provide clients with services such as information technology (IT), program and performance management, and human factors and training. The company has provided service to the federal government as a prime contractor and subcontractor for over 19 years.

Key Aspects

• Average adjusted EBITDA margins of 14.7% from 2018-2021

• Remaining backlog and unexercised options on current contracts as of December 31, 2021, is $32M

• Over 19 years of experience as a prime contractor and trusted subcontractor for US federal government contracts

• Secret level facility clearance

• Technical leadership as both prime and sub on IT consulting contracts

• ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 certified

• CMMI Level 3

• Holds various GWACs to include GSA IT70, MOBIS, and OASIS among others


 • Increase marketing and proposal efforts to maximize the use of the existing Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) and expansion of client base

• Launch a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website to improve visibility and allow target audience to find website and attract new clients

• Enhance or build new connections with prime contractors and subcontractors

• Use government research tools to search for expiring contracts that utilize similar offerings

• Attend government events and trade shows to stay on top of emerging trends to win more government contracts 


• Mid-Atlantic, US 

Current Markets

• The company is a federal government contractor that provides professional program management, training and IT services as both a prime and subcontractor. 

Real Estate

• The company operates fully remote.