Electronic Monitoring, Supervision, and Drug Testing Company

Midwest United States
Business Services; Education & Government; Technology, Media, Telecom & Data
Client Code: BN000032784
Revenue (Internal): $929,609
EBITDA (Internal): $137,379

The company provides equipment and services for electronic monitoring, supervision, and drug testing of criminal offenders. The company also provides services to others under the jurisdiction of the courts or other governmental services.

Key Aspects
  • More than 60% of revenue is recurring through contracted agencies
  • Strong company reputation in service area
  • Primary provider of SCRAM systems equipment
  • Nearly all (97%) receivables average less than sixty (60) days old
  • Strong contacts in criminal justice industry
  • Multi-state operations
  • Expansion in service area
  • Midwest state seeks to reduce its prison population via legislation providing early release of felony DWI offenders
  • Improving inventory management and reducing equipment losses could impact the company’s bottom line
  • Budgeting process with future forecast model outputs allowing for long-term planning

Midwest United States

Current Markets

Police agencies in the Midwest United States responsible for monitoring criminal offenders.

Real Estate

The company operates from a 4,690 sq. ft. facility leased from an unrelated third party. Current lease expires December 31, 2029.