Specialty Lumber Manufacturing Company

Business Services; Construction
Client Code: BN000028468
Revenue (Tax Returns): $13,409,308
EBITDA (Tax Returns): $2,077,325

The company is a large volume producer of remanufactured southern yellow pine lumber, primarily servicing the wood treating industry. The majority of the lumber manufactured by the company is one-inch boards.

Key Aspects
  • Quality product/great reputation
  • Current equipment allows for diversification to adapt to changing market demands
  • Established relationships with key players in the industry
  • Lumber prices and demand are currently at all-time high
  • Diversify product line to expand market potential
  • Relationships are in place to allow for brokering lumber without re-working or physically possessing product


Current Markets

United States and Caribbean Islands

Potential Markets

United States and Caribbean Islands

Real Estate

The total property on which the company operates is approximately 11.42 acres and is owned by a related entity. Their are five structures on the property used by the company. The owner will entertain selling the building or entering into a lease.