Fully Remote Courier and Delivery Service

Southeast US
Business Services; Transportation
Client Code: BN000033548
Revenue (Tax Returns): $1,961,410
EBITDA (Tax Returns): $108,170

The company offers business-to-business (B2B) courier and delivery services. The company's flexible operations service a variety of customer delivery needs, including, but not limited to dedicated routes, pharmaceuticals, auto and truck parts, office supplies, set-up and assembly, on-demand shipments, and more. The company has provided home delivery services in the past and maintains its capabilities to reinstate home delivery services.

Key Aspects

• Year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth of 44% in 2020

• Lean, efficient, and fully virtual turnkey operations allow for easy bolt-on capabilities

• Superior customer service, as exemplified by numerous five-star reviews

• Member of multiple trade associations

• High level of repeat business (90%)

• Blue chip clients provide consistent sources of revenue, including two major contracts that can be scaled statewide and nationwide


• Create a dedicated sales team to expand existing customer partnerships and acquire new customers

• Synergistic opportunities exist for strategic buyers

• Expand large existing customer accounts by exploring new opportunities

• Expand geographic footprint

• Offer warehousing services

• Develop freight brokerage arm of business

• Expand pharmaceutical delivery services


• Southeast US

Current Markets

• The company primarily services business-to-business (B2B) delivery needs but has capabilities to offer home delivery services. The company serves customers in major cities across the state that it is headquartered in.

Real Estate

• The company operates fully remote using telework applications. Continuing operations in a remote environment is sufficient to continue delivering the company's current level of earnings.