Established Underwriting, Claim and Transactional Services Audit Firm

Midwest United States
Business Services; Financial
Client Code: BN000033255
Revenue (TTM): $1,359,979

The company is an underwriting, claim and transactional services firm for the insurance and reinsurance property and casualty industries servicing mainly North America and the Caribbean. 

Key Aspects
  • Experienced professional staff with broad range of expertise and relevant credentials
  • Professional dedicated support staff
  • Documented procedures and processes developed and refined over thirty years
  • Paperless, virtual office environment
  • Close and constant client communication
  • Strong reputation
  • Highly-reliable reporting
  • Expansion into the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and other countries
  • Increase dispute consulting business to take advantage of in-house expertise
  • Add service offering monitoring and compliance to insurers and reinsurers as they deploy capital to get more premium in play
  • Midwest United States
Current Markets
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies needing underwriting and claim services.
Real Estate
  • The company leases its 5,000 square foot operating facility from a related party. There is room to grow in the current facility. The lease term is continuous and can be canceled any time by either party with thirty days notice.