Solar Systems Design and Installation Company BN000035039

Midwest US
Business Services; Construction; Energy & Power
Client Code: BN000035039
Revenue (Internal): $11,134,812
EBITDA (Internal): $2,033,759

The company is a solar panel retail, design, and installation firm with expertise in ground-mounted and roof-mounted equipment for residential and commercial consumers. The company focuses its business in the Midwest United States. The company specializes in grid-tied and grid-tied with battery back-up.

Key Aspects

· Established product portfolio with top-of-the-line customizable products adapting to the needs of a wide variety of customers

· Developed sales model with capacity to reach a large customer base

· Strong supplier network allowing the company to maintain a competitive cost structure

· Highly efficient and adaptable supply chain processes, which allow the company to acquire and service large customer bases within a short time span


· Expand to new geographic regions to establish the company's brand untapped markets

· Capitalize on opportunities in a rapidly growing renewable energy industry as consumers begin to shift towards sustainable energy sources

· Increase product portfolio by introducing new, emerging, and innovative products as well as service contracts and ancillary services

· The company will offer a new financing method, allowing it to attract a large customer base that was previously unable to purchase and install solar systems


· Midwest United States

Current Markets

· The company currently serves commercial and residential consumers in the Midwest United States.

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 30,000 sq. ft. facility leased from an unrelated third party. There is room to grow in the current location, which is approximately 35% occupied.