Biomedical Equipment Repair Maintenance Company

Western U.S.
Healthcare Services; Healthcare Technology; Healthcare Devices and Supplies
Client Code: BN000034665
Revenue (YTD): $1,701,380
EBITDA (YTD): $557,746

The company is an equipment repair, calibration, preventative maintenance, and safety inspection service company. The company serves the biomedical, telecoms, and communications markets in the Western United States with capabilities to expand across the country.

Key Aspects
  • Reputation for reliable service for over 30 years; new business is earned via word of mouth and performance record
  • Consistent performance with similar year-over-year revenues despite fluctuations due to the pandemic
  • Minority and woman-owned business, although no current contracts rely on this designation
  • Company is ISO9001 certified, and employees are regularly trained in AAMI and California Medical Instruments Association (CMIA) courses
  • In place of contracts, the company enjoys stable workflow from top firms & preventative maintenance agreements with regular customers
  • Grow recurring revenue by setting long-term contracts for regular preventative maintenance the company currently performs
  • Highly anticipated growth in client market base due to Baby Boomer retirement
  • Company may return to operating fully remotely provided a new location for employee training
  • Western U.S.
Current Markets
  • The company primarily provides repair and preventative maintenance services to clinics and hospitals spanning the Western U.S., including the Los Angeles and San Francisco healthcare markets.
Real Estate
  • The company operates from two office locations leased from unrelated third parties. The company previously operated 100% remotely but was required to lease office and training space during the COVID-19 pandemic.