IT Consulting Firm Focused On Improvement of Technological Infrastructure.

Midwest United States
Client Code: BN000033352
Revenue (TTM): $1,618,621
EBITDA (TTM): $481,993

The company is a full-service technology consulting firm that partners with small and medium sized businesses to improve all aspects of technological infrastructure. The company leverages vast thought leadership, industry expertise, an exceptional team of practitioners and experts, with a unique service delivery method, to achieve breakthrough results for clients.

Key Aspects
  • Comprehensive digital, cyber, talent and private equity service offerings and proprietary diagnostics, provides several sources of revenue on client engagements
  • Multi-faceted pricing model enables affordable access to services that can be tailored to specific SMB client needs across multiple industries
  • Thought leadership-based approach and product service mindset provides brand differentiation and a scalable, repeatable service delivery process
  • Variable cost model utilizes independent contractors to maximize margin and profitability
  • Unbiased technology advice fosters trusted relationships with C-Suite clients creating long lasting partnerships and repeat business
  • Extend brand reach by partnering with third party managed service providers, staffing firms and complimentary business tech consultants
  • Continue growing industry specific services
  • Expand services to overseas markets
  • Create strategic marketing campaign to build brand Integrate with other IT service company’s that will diversify IT Ally’s capabilities to serve different market segments
  • Build executive leadership team to operationally expand go-to market capabilities
Current Markets
  • Private equity firms, and small and medium size privately held and family owned businesses in the United States
Real Estate
  • The company operates in a remote work business model, therefore not requiring a physical office space