Established Water and Wastewater Treatment Construction Contractor

Commercial Construction; Residential Construction
Client Code: BN000035641
Revenue (Reviewed): $15,734,448
EBITDA (Reviewed): $3,183,812

The offering consists of a heavy construction contractor that specializes in the water treatment and wastewater treatment industry with turnkey solutions for clients in the coverage area.

Key Aspects
  • Backlog for works in progress increased from nearly $5.0 million at FYE 2020 to approximately $25.4 million as of Q4 2023
  • 2021 and 2022 financial statements were reviewed and certified by a Wall Street compliant M&K audit
  • Skilled and experienced workforce with an average tenure of more than 12 years with the Company
  • Essential service business applicable to all cities across the United States
  • Over 15 years of repeat business with four key vendors
  • A Master Electrician and Electric Journeyman are on staff with a total support electric support crew of four
  • Business operating for multiple decades with a highly-regarded and long-standing reputation
  • Geographic expansion throughout the region
  • Expand into private markets for oil & gas, industrial processing, and environmental businesses
  • Provide process & control repairs and upgrades
  • Coverage area population increase will boost demand as the Company provides essential services
  • Begin promoting maintenance and repair work for new construction projects, which provide recurring revenue streams
  • Texas
Current Markets
  • The Company serves the water treatment and wastewater treatment industries in Texas
Real Estate
  • The Company operates from two locations, a 5,000 square-foot warehouse and 435 square-foot office space, that are both leased from an unrelated third party. There is room for expansion at both locations.