Office Furniture Company Offering Layout, Design, and Installation Services BN000035843

Midwest US
Business Services
Client Code: BN000035843
Revenue (Internal): $3,439,566
EBITDA (Internal): $64,266

The business is an interior design and installation company, offering the latest in office furniture and technology. The company offers both new and used furniture and equipment, while also offering workspace rental for businesses not in need of a dedicated office.

Key Aspects

Key Aspects

· Niche organization focused on office space design and layout, office furniture,

and installation

· The company has been in business over 40 years

· Experienced staff in place for seamless transition

· Wide variety of innovative and quality products currently available

· Very responsive to industry demands and needs

· Loyal customer base




· Expand sales force and create a formal marketing plan to increase


· Capture additional wallet share within existing customer base

· Growth potential in existing market and expansion into new markets

· Implement new and innovative ideas for existing products


· Midwest United States

Current Markets

· Small businesses and corporate clients from all industries in need of

office furniture and office layout design services

Real Estate

· The company operates from a 29,790 square foot facility with

approximately 20,000 of that being office space. The facility is positioned

on 2.146 acres strategically located on a corner lot next to two

interstates. The facility is leased from an affiliated entity. In addition, the

company leases approximately 19,000 square feet of warehouse space

from an unrelated third party.